Automates VALUATION PROCESS to the extent possible

  • Identification and entry of Location or State critical

  1. Integrated automation with “third-party” equipment providers, e.g., Iron Solutions Tractor Zoom, etc., is part of the "Setup" process.  Most "providers" have  specialties which are usually set at the beginning of the program initiation.  Users are responsible for contracting with their desired third-party providers.  Examples are:

  1. Integrates commodity prices (livestock, grain, etc.):

  1. Integrates with “on-line” look-ups for specific Chattel pieces, e.g., from Website support (yellow arrow), third-party providers like Iron Solutions, Richie Brothers, Tractor House, Google, etc., (purple arrow) --- there were no Iron Solutions sales near this subject location, so none reported). The pink arrow are individual sales of planters the user documented for this assignment.

  1. Chattel program database to access other valuations for previous assignments as part of the “sales” information available for Subject Valuations (shown by green box and arrow)
  2. Add your own sales from auctions, private sale results, etc., ash shown by pink box and arrow.


       Once all Subject Chattels have been valued, hit "Start Valuation" in lower right corner of the screen: