The valuation process begins after:

  1. the program setup is completed by defining all elements on the Setup Tab
  2. all Subject information is completed
  3. preliminary check to make sure all necessary equipment, commodity, and other Chattels have sufficient information to perform the valuation
  4. then hit "Start Valuation" in the lower right corner of the Subject screen (shown below)

The second screen opens and shows this Subject record is "Awaiting Approval".  User an also "Edit Subject" by clicking in the box.

The lower two options (purple arrows) are "I with to Reject this Valuation" or "Approve and Preview" the report.

Rejecting the valuation allows User to re-enter the Subject and change content, parameters, etc.

"Approve and Preview" shows a completed report where the valuation information is inserted into your defined Word Merge crafted document allowing for your name and generates a "script signature(s)" of that Finalized Report.  Once completed, hit "Submit" (orange button) to generate the Report PDF.  Once completed, there is a "Roll-Back" feature to go back and change the valuation criteria and re-run the valuation.  See "Roll-Back" feature in Valuation Section in the Table of Contents along the left side of your screen.