Commodity "Setup(s)" are part of the "Setup" procedures that will likely be overseen by the organizational supervisor.   All responses in the Chattels program shown along the left side of the image MUST be addressed to value Subjects with equipment, commodities, or "others" such as "Accounts", i.e., payable versus receivables or mobile homes.

The list below represents only a few of the "Commodities" that are entered individually.  Chattels valuations will not produce results for any commodities NOT on this list.  Each commodity is shown by name (alphabetically) along with the "Count Unit".  In other works, if you are going to value 200,000 bushels of Barley, both "Barley" and "BU" (bushels) must be set.  

The "Measure Unit Type" is required for commodities that require two calculations to determine value.  An example would be "Barley" as a "Growing Crop" would be harvested in its entirety for forage, i.e., 100 acres X 3/ tons acre X $80/ton.  Stated differently you would identify:

      1. Barley
      2. Growing Crop
      3. Tonnage/Acre X $/Ton

AgWare recommends for Commodities with multiple potential entries like "Cattle" ---- start with "Cattle", then add Breeding Bulls, Breeding Cows, Dairy, Feed Yard, etc.  That way all the "cattle" categories appear in a sequential list that is easier to see what has already been entered.  Just using Breeding Bulls, Breeding Cows, Dairy Cattle, Feed Yard Cattle alphabetically along with "Corn" would produce the following list:

      • Breeding Bulls
      • Breeding Cows
      • Corn
      • Dairy
      • Feed Yard Cattle

The word "Cattle" sets all cattle alphabetically together commensurate with the example in the green box.